Wednesday, July 15, 2009

NFC East Preview

New England Patriots: 13-3
Let's face it, the Patriots with Tom Brady were an unbelievably great team. Barring injuries this team seems poised to easily win the division crown this year. The Patriots offense is full of weapons with Moss, Welker, and surprising Sammy Morris 727 yards this past year.Look also for young defensive help from last years first round pick Jerod Mayo and this years second round picks Patrick Chung and Ron Brace. 

Miami Dolphins: 8-8
I know I may take a lot of heat for this one but let's be REAL here for a minute. The Dolphins last year were a team that nobody saw coming. Surprising everybody with the single wing (Wildcat) formation is not going to happen again this year. Plus they had the benefit of playing 8 games against 2 of the weakest divisions in the NFL in the NFC and AFC west. The Dolphins won't get much help next year from the draft picks as I believe although first round pick Vontae Davis is a great athlete he is not nearly polished enough to start in the NFL. Especially having to face teams with receiving corps like the Patriots, Bills, Falcons, and Panthers. Sorry Fins fans but the NFL will be ready for you this time around.

New York Jets: 7-9
The New York "Bretts" are no more. Both Running Backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington are upset with their contracts. Rex Ryan is just another defensive coordinator to become a head coach after being with the very talented Ray Lewis led defense. Marvin Lewis left that spot in 2001 and his Bengal's were 4-11-1 last year. Mike Nolan replaced Lewis and 3 seasons later was hired to the 49ers. Nolan was fired from San Francisco halfway through last year. The fact is this team has no quarterback and is hoping that maybe Sanchez can step in and start a few games this year. However Ryan and Sanchez are not the savior of this franchise, not this year at least.

Buffalo Bills: 7-9
Bringing up the bottom is the Buffalo Bills. Last season quarterback Trent Edwards played well up until he suffered a head injury early in last season. After that his productivity dropped off and eventually led to him being benched over a "questionable" injury after he performed very poorly against the San Francisco 49ers. If Edwards does not produce, Owens will not be a happy camper and things could get interesting. The Bills however do have a strong rush game and will be able to win games on the back of Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch.