Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mike Vick not playing QB?

Consistently I hear media members and so called NFl experts talk bout how if Mike Vick were to return to the NFL it wouldn't be at quarterback. I have to say that makes absolutely no sense. The fact is that the biggest question about Vick playing in the NFL is his physical shape. Will he be able to run and be as strong as it takes to play at the NFL level? For one, I think he will be. We all know that with the exception of special teams, playing quarterback requires the least amount of physical strength and endurance out of any position. So how would Vick be able to play receiver if he weren't even strong enough to play QB? The fact is that the best position for Vick to play is in fact QB and if he does end up reinstated and on a team he will be playing the quarterback position.

What teams might be interested? Well many people are pointing to San Francisco however Coach Mike Singletary has stated that his QB is already on the roster. The Jets already got their QB as did Kansas City. I feel Minnesota will show interest if the Brett Favre thing doesn't work out. Also, Jacksonville is showing that they have a lot of faith in David Garrard. The fact is, this late teams are already going forward with who they have on their roster. So if Vick is to come back, the demand for him may not be as big as originally thought.

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